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I begin this blog with so much to share, yet also humbled by how much there is to learn. I am not new to the world of writing, but I am new to posting. The funny thing is, I recently started writing posts for a company and the posts are selling. I will learn more about posting as I go, but for now I want to do as I say. I want to step into something important, even though I am new to the arena.

One of my biggest lessons in this learning curve is that everybody who is serious about photography is constantly working to understand some piece of equipment, some device, some tool that will better capture an intended image. From what I've seen, those who look at it all as a challenge and are secure in asking questions, those are the people who keep growing in both their work and in this field. For me, at times I believe I am asking the most ignorant question possible only to find those with top notch skills are asking those same questions. And, at times I ask questions where everyone else knows the answer. Rather than judge me, they connect and know the challenge one sometimes faces by asking the obvious.

Here's one of the biggest realizations I've come to in life. Everything is "easy" once you know how to do it. The more one asks, the easier it gets to understand. It is often an act of bravery to expose what one does not know. I've found safe places where I can get answers from people who do not need me to pretend I have all the answers. From this, they ask me questions as well. In those times where I get uncomfortable in my ignorance, I have the back up of online sites and books. I prefer asking people and having a face to face dialogue. Yet good options are always helpful.

I've found some cool sites along the way as well. If you get a chance, these, like the book I suggested the in my last post, these are winners. Take what you need from them. Get on their email list. I am very selective about which lists I choose. I do not have any connection to these great people other than they have inspired me over the years and still do. Sometimes I do not have time to read what they send so I tuck it away in a file.

I found Digital Photography School first and Darren Rowse runs the site. It has loads and loads of good stuff. From the site, I found Vallerie Jardin.  Her link is, She travels the world, writes about what she is doing and give great information. She also posts tons of great shots.




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